Case Summary

If you own or owned a home or building containing a Plasco “Plumb-PEX” plumbing system, you could benefit from a class action settlement

The settlement will pay claims for damage caused by failed plumbing systems and the cost to repair or possibly replace plumbing systems that have had two or more leaks. It will also provide some people with up to 18 months past the existing 10 year plumbing system warranty to file an editable claim form.

·       To qualify, you must own or have owned a structure containing a Plasco Plumb-PEX Plumbing System containing ASTM standard F1807 brass insert fittings and stainless steel clamps sold by Plasco Manufacturing, Ltd. (“Plasco”) or Uponor, Ltd. show that:

o    There was a leak in a Plasco Plumb-PEX Plumbing System component; or

o    There is a 50% reduction in water flow between the hot and cold lines to at least one fixture.

·       People and entities that have already paid for damages or repairs caused by a leak in a Plasco Plumb-PEX Plumbing System component may also qualify for a payment. 

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